• The wonders of modern medicine

    Long gone are the days when herbal remedies, prayers or even alchemy were used to treat illnesses, and modern medicine has made quite an impressive progress over the centuries. People are no longer treated with unreliable and often dangerous methods, and highly sophisticated surgeries or “verified” therapies are now a common occurrence in medical facilities. […]

  • Relieving symptoms of menopause

    Menopause is a period many women dread. It is because menopause is followed by various symptoms which are not life-threatening, but they can decrease the quality of life. Still, it is inevitable that every woman will go through this period. It usually occurs between the age of 49 and 53, but it can occur earlier […]

  • Is your child developing properly?

    You can tell a lot about the overall health condition of your child according to his growth rates and proper mental and physical development. The fact is that there are significant variations in growth rate among children of the same age, depending on the inherited predispositions and environmental conditions. However, it is accepted as a […]

  • HRT- the best method for Menopausal Symptoms

    This therapy involves daily administration of synthetic forms of estrogen and progesterone. Both of these hormones levels are decreased in women’s body during menopause. HRT successfully threats the menopausal symptoms, but there are side effects as well. There are debates regarding benefit-risk ratio that are trying to figure out whether HRT is good or bad. […]

  • Menopause and self-help tips

    Menopause is a natural part of the life, and it usually happens in late fourths and early fifties. It can start abruptly in which case the woman stops having periods. The periodical onset of menopause means that a woman gets less and fewer periods until they stop altogether. The devastating symptoms of the menopause are […]

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