The wonders of modern medicine

Long gone are the days when herbal remedies, prayers or even alchemy were used to treat illnesses, and modern medicine has made quite an impressive progress over the centuries. People are no longer treated with unreliable and often dangerous methods, and highly sophisticated surgeries or “verified” therapies are now a common occurrence in medical facilities. One of such therapies is concerned with hormones in a woman’s body, and this treatment is widely known as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

modern medicineAs we all know, hormones play a highly important role in our system, and these little chemical substances regulate a lot of bodily functions. From adrenaline and insulin to estrogen and testosterone – hormones are everywhere. Therefore, it can be quite problematic when one or two of them are missing, and in those cases, our system goes out of balance and unpleasant symptoms start to appear. One example of such behavior is present when a woman enters the menopause, and this phase is notorious for its inconvenient and uncomfortable symptoms caused by the lack of essential hormones.

– Hormones and menopause

Estrogen and progesterone are the hormones responsible for many functions in a woman’s body, but they have a crucial role in regulating the reproductive processes and operations. The task of estrogen is to release the eggs from the ovaries, and progesterone has a role in preparing the womb for pregnancy. However, when a woman reaches the age of 50 or similar age, these hormones stop with their activities, and the reproductive processes begin to “shut down.” Ovaries stop producing eggs on a periodic basis, i.e. every four weeks, and consequently this means that menstrual cycle is also over.

 Hormones and menopauseThe lack of hormones is an unusual situation for the body, and it tries to fight with everything it’s got to regain control and bring thinks back to the way they used to be before the entire mess started in the first place. That is why we notice several symptoms, and the most prominent side-effects of menopause are hot flushes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, lack of sex drive, and so on.

– Hormone replacement therapy

Luckily for millions of women from all over the globe, a very simple and straightforward solution exists on the market. Hormone Replacement Therapy is in use since the 1960s, and even though conflicting data about the benefits and risks of this treatment is still confusing doctors and patients – it is evident that this method is the best option for any woman suffering from the symptoms of menopause. Replacing one hormone with another is not an easy task, and we can freely say that HRT is one of the wonders of modern medicine.

Factors such as age, medical history, personal preferences or type of menopause will determine the quantity and the duration of the treatment, but it is always best to start as soon as possible. Also, modern technological improvements have made it possible to receive HRT in the forms of tablets, a cream, gel, skin patch or as an implant.